GWL 16th May 1916

A very busy day, brought to its conclusion by a half hour’s wait for a padre to come and makee pray & he never came. 

The shirts and underclothing have come.  You cannot imagine the pleasure of getting into a decently washed shirt.  My servant, excellent in every way, washes my things and that is about all that can be said for it.  No news at all.  A ration dump rumour says that 90,000 Germans have surrendered somewhere!  I am very well, but awfully tired of it all sometimes.

Ireland is pretty loathsome, isn’t it?  To think that England has been pandering in her policy to those blackguards for years, sickens me.  I should like to have had the stamping out of that rebellion.  Your letters have all come up to May 1st.”

Elsewhere on May 15th the Austrians launched a massive assault in the Trentino against the Italian army which was to last over two weeks but which was ultimately successful.

{next post 20th May}

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