GWL 12th May 1916

A very windy day.  Yesterday I took some officers over to see the French Machine Gun school – a return visit, so to speak.  It was most amusing, especially being termed “Mon Commandant”!  They have queer ways of doing things.  We went out to see them firing – They were careful to impress on me that they were very old guns they had & yet behold, they were firing to see how best they worked!  They ought to have known by now.  They got an awful lot of stoppages & the date on all the guns was 1915!

“A thunderstorm yesterday, very violent, and much rain.

I have not seen Peter since I left.  Arthur has not turned up again.”

On the 9th the British and French governments concluded the “Sykes-Picot” agreement for the partition of the Middle East.  Lt Gen Sir George Milne succeeded Lt Gen Sir Bryan Mahon as GOC British Forces in Salonica.

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