GWL 7th May 1916

Derby Day again, and a pretty dull crowd by the looks of them.  Bagged a Zep the other night.  Blighter cam over about 2 AM.  Somebody touched up his tail and he could night steer.  He got down very low and a destroyer finally put the lid on him.  They burnt him and bagged most of the inhabitants, I believe.  Of course everybody claims to have hit him.  I think the M.G. school is about the only combatant institution that has not claimed a hit.  I am so sorry Arthur was not here for it.  It never dropped any bombs.  Rather a lunatic kind of a zep – seemed quite lost.”

The Zeppelin in question was LZ 85.  This airship first flew in September 1915 and had flown 6 missions dropping a total of 31,000lb of bombs including one previous raid on Salonica.  The fatal shots were fired by HMS Agamemnon and the ship crashed into nearby marshes.  The crew were all captured.

{next post 12th May}

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