GWL 28th April 1916

They have made me a temporary Major!  This class is now over.  The next one begins in a few days.  Five very large and fine parcels turned up yesterday, also a book by a gentleman called Jacks from Mozzer.  Thank you so much.  The book is very drole.  I confess I don’t quite understand some of it.  Werry mad indeed in parts.

For the last three days it has been raining like the devil.  Everything is mud.  It has rather put the squashes on the latter part of the course – rather a nuisance.  This class is almost entirely Scotch.  They are awfully amusing.   There is no news.  This time last year was pretty beastly, wan’t it?…….I have got a lot of guns now.  Chiefly from units who don’t know how to look after them – result – much work for Master.”

Twelve months earlier George was involved in the second battle of Ypres.  On the 26th the French and Russian Governments concluded the “Sykes-Picot” agreement for the partition of Asia Minor – still reverberating 100 years later.

{next post 4th May}


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