GWL 24th April 1916

So hot.  Would you send me my drill things, please?  I think by the time they arrive the stuff I have for now will be unbearable.  I quite understand about the income tax.  Thank you for doing it for me.  Your letter of the 10th came to-day.  Your small holiday seems a great success.  I am so glad. I never seem to get a moment to myself now.  The more you do, the more there is to be done it seems.  Not a scrap of news.  I am afraid these are horribly dull epistles.  Nisbet has got command of a battalion of the D.C.L.I.  Which, I don’t know.

You lucky girl having a bit of zep.  Papa seemingly acted in a very dashing manner to obtain the sample.  This morning I “strafed” all my officers.  I got up early and threw buckets of water over them.  They are all the better for it!”

The likely battalion of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry was the 8th which arrived in Salonica in November 1915.  Harry Patch, the last British survivor of war in the trenches, was in the 7th Battalion DCLI.

On this day the “Easter Rebellion” started in Ireland.

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