GWL 19th March 1916

At last a breathing space.  Things seem to be going pretty well, although it is early days to tell yet.  Eastman’s parcel and one for me with “Brother-in-law to Potts” arrived to-day.  Thank you so much.

To-day being Sunday I have given the “pupils” a half holiday.  I don’t know whether the army will strafe me, but I simply must get the permanent staff washed.

We had a Zep raid the night before last.  A lot of noise but no damage.  I don’t think he was hit.  I never saw him at all, just heard the engines, that was all.  Do you remember he one we saw at Kiel?

There is absolutely no news.  The French and Germans had a bit of a scrap here the other day I believe, but nothing serious.  The first instalment of the “Mail” turned up about 3 days ago.  It is a good paper, isn’t it?”

It is to be assumed that George isn’t referring to the Daily Mail as that was first published in 1896.

{next post 22nd March}


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