GWL 14th March 1916

The School has assembled!  The scene on the road has been rather like Derby Day.  Some walked, some rode, some arrived in carozzis, others crawled painfully in, cursing the map.  It has been a queer day.  Feel rather like a host at a dance.

No news – a lovely parcel came to-day at 3PM with a cake.  The cake was gone by 4.30.  I managed to get a bit and blessed you.  They all seem quite happy.  This is the first minute I have had to myself to-day.  I think the Florentine Frame is awfully good.  Thank you for sending it.  I am beginning the Golden Dog now.

That mouse has not paid me another visit yet. I cannot say I sit up for him at all, but his previous low down trick has made me very vigilant indeed.  No self respecting mouse would do a thing like that, would it?”

The Florentine Frame is a New York based novel written by Elizabeth Robbins and published in 1909 centred around a love triangle between and a mother and daughter and a man.  The Golden Dog is an historical novel set in 18th Century Quebec by William Kirby.

{next post 19th March}


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