GWL 10th March 1916

The sun has just come out after 48 hours of rain.  A pleasant sight.  Everything very wet.  A mouse played me a dirty trick last night.  As my custom is, on retiring I placed my Burberry on the ground & wrapped my apparel therein.  During the night the said mouse violently broke into my tent.  He entered my apparel and when well in the middle of the bundle started to chew.  He chewed all night.  I awake and cast a murky eye round the interior and detect unmistakable signs of mouse.  Further inspection reveals two large holes in the lining of my Burberry and three more in the veteran coat.  I feel I have a moan.  I cannot think the bally mouse liked my coat.  If things must nest, let them nest by all means, but promiscuous pulling to bits of officers’ kit, however laughable the object, really must be stopped.

The old, old men have been very trying to-day.  One, Driver Forward, does not live up to his name.  He apparently finds his military duties uncongenial, so this morning he went sick.  Doctor says there is nothing the matter with him at all, so I sent him a chit asking him to make him sick and send him back in the morning.  He is willing, so to-morrow a chastened Forward should turn up.  He has already lost one mule & let two more run away with him.  Periodically I cast anxious glances towards the transport lines to see how many animals are left.

The other driver talks about “wee beasties”, so I suppose we may conclude he is Scotch.  My chief difficulty is that I have just enough men to run the show and if any go sick I cannot get any more.  I fill them up with rum when I can.  I find that makes them quite lively for about 12 hours.  Then, of course, comes the reaction.  Help.  At no time do they make you giddy by the swiftness of their movements, but when “reacting” they are awful.”

On the 9th Germany declared war on Portugal.

{next post 14th March}

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