GWL 8th March 1916

So warm.  The day before yesterday was glorious and many Boschoplanes about, but no bombs.  A very thirsty day to-day.  Drinks just now confined to tea and water unless you can get into Salonica, where a gentle Bock can be imbibed.

I have lost a mule, which rather annoys me, as it was a good mule – it broke away in the early morning and my old, old men pursued it with caution. It has not been seen since.  Sounds rather a large thing to lose, doesn’t it?  My assistant instructor has gone sick! Another of life’s little worries.  We jog along slowly in this little camp.  The old men are very deliberate.

Guns going off to-day.  Sounds quite strange.  I think some “heavies” are registering.  I am just realising what an awful lot of work this thing involves.  A great deal of thinking and improvising, the means at hand are not very large and a good deal is expected of the show.”

This day saw the second attempt of Lt Gen Aylmer to relieve the Ottoman siege of Kut in the Mesopotamia campaign.  This was repulsed at the Dujaila Redoubt with the loss of 4,000 men.

{next post 10th March}

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