GWL 5th March 1916

I am at last established in my new abode.  Quite a pleasant little spot.  The staff consists of a lot of old, old pirates, who are alternately amusing & very annoying.  The “pupils” have not yet arrived.  I do hope the “Army Machine Gun School” attached 26th Div: Salonica (my address) will be a success I feel happier now than I did a day or two ago.  It did rain so hard and everything seemed in such an awful muddle; as if it never could seem straight.  I met a man I used to know in Malta to-day.  He is on the Divisional Staff and so come in handy……….

The bally Hun has sunk six days mails.  Did I tell you that before?  Drat him.  Just seen the new moon & wished for the thousandth time for everything good for you, & success to the school.”

{next post 8th March}

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