GWL 29th February 1916

All your letters have come up to Jan 31st.  I got a whole heap last night.  Thank you so much for them all……………….

It has begun to rain again at a most inconvenient time for me – Just as the camp is being pitched.  Everybody is wet and rather fed up.  They are trying to hurry me and make me start the school before I am ready.  They tell me to make things and don’t give me carpenter’s tools!  Silly, isn’t it? These little things have to be put up with.  Writing very badly, hands rather cold.  I am very well.”

On this day a group of four British naval ships engaged the German commercial raider “Greif” in the North Sea.  The “Greif” was sunk along with RMS Alcantara, an armed merchant ship, one of the four British ships.


“Greif” and “Alcantara” at close quarters.

{next post 5th March}


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