GWL 25th February 1916

A poor bad day, it rained this morning and now is cloudy and dull.  To-night, please don’t think me frivolous! – I am going to a cinema.  Most still strictly “convenable”.  Do you remember our cinema in Paris & how disappointed you were?!  There is no news whatever.  My school seems gradually to be forming – very gradually.  Dawson and I are going to the cinema to-night.  He is a really charming person.  How on earth I should have got on without his aid, I don’t know.  The Army would not give me a car or a horse and often I had miles and miles to go.  He has lent me horses and his car.

A long letter from Arthur yesterday.  He seems to have had a pretty lively time once or twice.

Some idiot sent through on the wire last night that there was a big fire blazing in London & still spreading.  I nearly brained him.  I don’t like thinking of Zep raids on London.”

Fort Douaumont (Verdun) was stormed by German forces.

verdun salient

{next post 29th February}

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