GWL 21st February 1916

Still blowing.  Last night it froze hard and the edges of our stream were all ice.  Some bally divisional staff man has objected to the place I chose for my school on perfectly childish reasons and now I have to go and choose another one.  Some people make me weep.  Before this show gets started I think there will be a good deal of weeping.  People want so much and are prepared to give so little.

I am very well – just had an enormous tea of radishes.  This morning I had the misfortune to sit in a splurge of marmalade – werry unfortunate!

They seem to be going to give us tin hats.  I have only seen drawings of them, they look like low class “bowlers”.  If they are any good that does not matter, but I should think that in a hot climate they would be rather inclined to het the brain!……………Rode a long way the day before yesterday.  The mountains in the distance looked lovely.  Everything covered in snow and the road rather steep.”   

It wasn’t until 1916 that “Tin Hats” were issued to all soldiers.  The British helmet was known as the Brodie Helmet after it’s designer.  The majority were made in Sheffield and were single pressed steel.  The Hadfield modification was stronger and contained 12% manganese which made it very resistant to rifle fire and shrapnel.

Brodie WW1 helmet

On this day the Germans fired more than a million shells on the opening day of the Battle of Verdun in the French sector of the Western Front.

{next post 25th February}


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