GWL 18th February 1916

An awful day.  Blowing very hard, snowing & hailing.  My tent has blown down.  I have a slight go of fever, not much, but rather depressing. The site of my school has been chosen; I spend my time now interviewing what may be termed the domestics.  To-morrow I go in search of ideas from our gallant allies.  Could you ask Ion to send me any literature he can lay his hands on that might be useful to me at my seminary?  Another Blackheathen turned up yesterday in the shape of a man called Ireland.  He knew you.  I did not recognise him.  Rawson did though.  He was at school with Ion.  I have a long ride to-morrow and I have to borrow horse for all my treks which annoys me.  It is hard luck on other people isn’t it?  Dawson is lending me one to-morrow.  He is most awfully kind to me — A stranger in a strange land.”

Private Reg Bailey (7/Royal Berkshires) wrote in a letter to his father on this day: “This Greek weather’s a marvel.  Yesterday and the day before we had tropical heat, last night it rained and continued through today with snow at intervals.  Now, this evening , a freezing gale is endeavouring to rip sheets off our “Bivvys.”

{next post 21st February}

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