GWL 16th February 1916

Wanderings for the present are over.  I have found a temporary home with one of the headquarter signal companies commanded by Rawson!  All very charming indeed.

Everybody seems to wear some kind of band on his arm.  Very terrifying………. The Corps people or somebody cut out a lot of names of ours from that last dispatch – Mine among them.  Much “fed upness” in the Battalion.  It is all in the day’s work, isn’t it?

I don’t know when I shall get another letter from you.  I am afraid it will be an awful time.  For a bit of course they will go to the Battn and they will forward them here.  I will give you an address as soon as I can get more or less settled.  A Zepp was signalled last night, steering this way, dropping bombs!  It did not arrive so I suppose it finished it’s bombs before it reached here.  Heaven be praised.  No wanchee bomb! ……………….. There is absolutely no news.  I have chosen a very nice place beside a babbling brook for my camp, but whether they will let me have it or not, remains to be seen.  You have to be awfully careful in this spot not to tread on peoples corns.  Dawson brings back those dear Blackheath days so vividly.  They were good, weren’t they?  Tell Don if you see him, I met Hartigan, who was in Moke’s when we were at Rugby.  I am afraid the gallant “Chas A” was putting the fat on it, when he said I should have had my “cap”.  I was very bad.”

The last sentence refers to George’s rugby prowess while at Rugby School – he was in the second XV!

On this day the Russians captured Erzerum, an important strategic city in Anatolia, from the Turks.  This gave control of all the roads to Mesopotamia.

{next post 18th February}



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