GWL 30th January 1916

Your letters of the 5th, 9th, 11th & 12th turned up yesterday, also a very nice parcel.  Thank you so much.  Yesterday’s was a huge mail.  I got 23 things altogether.  Among them being the Rugby School List.  Quite a lot of my school friends are not down on the list, so I suppose they will have to be fetched.  I hope I have some of them in my company.

All my subalterns being sick, I am pretty busy.  They are a funny lot.  First they all fall victims to heart trouble, now to flue.  The things you send are just what I want.  Just now and then put in a piece of soap; in fact at once please.  I am down to sunlight!  Also a candle is a useful thing now and then.  I am very distressed my letter to Mother has not turned up.  I wrote the day after Peter, I think;  it should have turned up.

Peter and I did a little duck shooting this afternoon with revolvers, but got nothing…………..”

{next post 2nd February}


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