GWL 22nd January 1916


Your letter with the wonderful photograph of Mrs Allen came yesterday – thank you.  We are in a very part of the world and Master lives in a cave!  All my subalterns caught my cold and all but one are now in hospital with it.  There’s retribution.  We get no news at all and a very occasional mail.  However the cave is warm and dry, so we must not complain.  We had a queer march up here.  Transport of course cut down a good deal so we all tried to hire donkeys to enable us to take one or two extra odds and ends.  The supply of asses however seems meagre and Peter’s company was the only one which got one and him they had to buy.  The beast is a continual source of anxiety to them; it goes so slowly and generally turns up 3 hours after the battalion.  We have learnt now that in this country you must add at least an extra half to the distance shown on the map between two places.  That is, if the map says it is 12 miles to Gomonieh, you know that it will really be 18 when you have walked round all the bends.  Very healthy place; we eat all we can get.  There is a heap of partridges & things down by the lakes.  I wish I had a gun.  It is a beautiful country and beautiful weather.

Last night a bally jackal came and roared outside the door of my cave.  I threw one of my subaltern’s cigars at him and he fled………….”

The battalion had set out from Lembet camp on the 19th on what was an arduous march over rough terrain. Having stopped overnight in Hortiack they arrived Gomonic.   There was considerable sickness with 4 officers and 121 other ranks evacuated due to influenza.  On the 21st the battalion took up it’s position on the front line near Beshik Lake.

Lake Beshik

Lake Beshik from Stavros Hills.

{next post 24th January}

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