GWL 18th January 1916

It is gorgeous here.  Yesterday I rode up into the mountains.  The snow was pretty thick on the track up at the top and had been thicker.  Everything very bare and rather chilly.  Isn’t it quaint?  the two ships that took us from Hong Kong to Colombo are both in here.  No sign of Arthur…………  A lot of quaint things happen here one way and another.  A good many people get arrested daily.  The French General here is a wonderful man.  The whole situation is queer, but considerably less precarious than when we arrived.  The Greeks looked at us then as if we were some poisonous insect.  Could you send me a book?  The Persia had some of our mails on board!”

SS Persia

The SS Persia was a P&O passenger ship sunk by a German U-boat without warning off Crete on December 30th 1915.  Virtually all the crew and the majority of the passengers, many of them high profile perished as the ship sank within 15 minutes.  It was thought that she was carrying significant amounts of gold bullion and attempts were made in 2003 to salvage her but little was found.

{next post 22nd January}

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