GWL 12th January 1916

How are you? I have a cold – not much, but it renders me rather snuffly and decidedly irritable!  Yesterday a very fine parcel mail turned up.  Two for me.  One, with creme de menthe sweets from Sears, for which please thank her very much indeed, and a plum pudding, dated I think Dec:2nd — The other one from Dad.  Altogether much fine food.

To-day I built a house for my pony.  It is made chiefly of rock as he is a great hand at demolitions.  He looks about for a weak spot in his dwelling and concentrates all his energy there.  One night in Bois Grenier in France he pulled the whole of his house down.  He must have spent most of the night at it as it was all made of brick.

Still very cold at nights.  No sign of Arthur’s return.  Peter very well.  The more I think of it, the more I am convinced that old man Turk’s bank balance has profited largely from the two withdrawals from the Dardanelles.”

Elsewhere on the 11th French forces occupied Corfu.

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