GWL 6th January 1916

The careful Postal people have succeeded in burning the last few days outward mails, so I am afraid No 28 and a card have gone west, and you will not have had a letter for an awful time.

The last week has been almost entirely taken up with guarding intoxicated Scotchmen.  Why the inhabitants of the Northern portion of the British Isles must celebrate the New Year with excessive alcohol I cannot think.  The English were most sober on Christmas Day.  Your letters of the 17th & 20th came to-day.  They seem to think that the ship containing our Christmas parcels has been sunk!………Nobody seems to know what the Hun is going to do in this part of the world.  I expect we shall know soon though.  I have not met the Scrutton yet.  I should have thought that if he had been recommended for a V.C. the least they could have given him would have been a D.S.O.  There ought to be one or two things flying round for the battalion if ever the Ypres despatch of the 27th Div: come out.  Those things are very nice as you say —-Vicary, the Doctor & Clarence Gardner, who ran the transport should get one I think —- If those things come in the course of your job, well and good; if not, also well sand good ……… The breeches have come and are very good.  Thank you so much……….”

Vicary received an M.C. and Clarence Gardner an the Doctor, Capt H B Sherlock RAMC, were Mentioned in Despatch.

Elsewhere on this day the first attempt to relieve the siege of Kut was made.  Kut, a town 100 miles south of Bagdad, contained 8,000 British and Indian troops and had been under siege by the Ottomans since mid-December.

{next post 12th January}


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