GWL 4th January 1916

Four rather strenuous days on Town Guard.  Wy certain Scotch Regiments consider it necessary to celebrate the New Year by an excessive dose of alcohol I cannot think.  You have met the Colonel of the Battn I mean in the God Bless you House at Winchester.  They are a rotten lot.  To-day we took unto ourselves instruments of music and marched about Salonica.  The whole thing very droll and extremely dusty.  The riding breeches have come, but no other parcels.  A book would be very welcome.

According to the local rag, they seem to have been stirring up Armentieres somewhat.  I hope Franks “wound” will not inconvenience him.  Has anybody heard from him at all?  Peter is in great form.  The day before yesterday I saw a red headed officer in the RE called Rawson.  An acquaintance of yours I believe.  I sent my Sergt Major to tell him so and ask him to come and see me as I could not get away owing to those shrieking votaries of the great God Bacchus.  He did not turn up until I had been relieved.  I think he has got a Legion of Honour.  To-day a cold wind, which generally ends in rain in this evil place.

I see the Kaiser has a tumour.  I hope it is a big one and hurts.  Unchristian, but eminently practical.”

The Gloucesters’ Diary for the 29th December records that they “got five side drums, one bass drum, eight flutes from Ordnance.  Started forming “drums”.  On the 4th the Battalion marched round Salonika, the first occasion the “Drums” had been paraded since going on active service.

The battalion as Town Guard on the 30th arrested a total of 65 German, Austrian, Bulgarian and Turkish  civilians and handed them over to the French.  On the same day two German aeroplanes dropped 10 bombs in the vicinity of Lembet Camp.

{next post 10th January}


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