GWL 28th December 1915

………..I think the “comforts” had better be done the same way as last year.  The Colonel I think, thinks the same.  It would be an awful lot for you to do.  You know where we are now don’t you?  I am so glad you have got the lace. ………You ought to be getting letters pretty regularly now.  Ten days from malta seems rather a long time.  We have a huge pile of parcels waiting for us here.  They have not given us any since we left France.  I hope my breeches are somewhere near.  Glorious weather……..

Somebody said this morning that there was something like Arthur’s bag of tricks in harbour, so he may be back.  I cannot see it though.

It has appeared in orders that three ladies of the regiment have got some money for Christmas Presents and that they will be here in due course – A funny sort of Christmas we had.  It might have been much worse – Much better than last year.  We are much more comfortable than we have ever been at any time in the last twelve months.”

From Everard Wyrall – “On Christmas Day they [the Battalion] were given a half-holiday, each man receiving a quart of beer and half a pound of plum pudding ( made by the regimental cooks). There were sports in the afternoon, fine weather doing its best to make the day enjoyable.  The King’s Christmas Message was also read to the troops.”

[next post 4th January]

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