GWL 19th December 1915

So here we are after twelve months of war!  I am now a road maker.  In the morning at 8 a.m. I sally forth with my braves, a pot of tea and a sandwich to work on what the men already call “our Road”.  It started life as a donkey track or an alternative course for the local river as fate might decree.  In due time we hope that it will appear on the map.  The R.E. of course think they are making it, but all we see of them is a youthful officer, who says “yes” and “quite so” occasionally then passes on.

The Baccy arrives quite regularly, although of course I have not had any now for about a month.  That is accounted for by the move.  To-day arrived letters dated 28th, 29th Nov and 1st December.  I have already had your letter of the 5th.  I am glad the fund is progressing so well.  Capel’s idea of sending the things out with a draft is the best I think.  There is no news.  We go out,  as I said, at 8 each morning and get back again about 5 – a healthy life and not unpleasant.  One day we were nearly washed away but that is all.  Lots of tortoises about.  Apparently they wish to hibernate, but are ruthlessly dug up!”

As soon as the Battalion had encamped they set to making it secure with the digging of drains and laying of roads.

{next post 23rd December}

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