GWL 13th December 1915 (Received 29th December)

Your letters have all come up to that of the 25th.  Thank you so much for them.  The parcel also has come.  Did I tell you all this before?

The language of this race gave me considerable trouble in my youth.  The race itself at this time is causing me considerable annoyance and as for the country – ! It is one of those places, I know several, that the Good Lord started on the Saturday night and forgot to finish.  That anything clean or beautiful ever came of it, to me is unbelievable.

Arthur went away at the same time as we came in here & it all seemed rather a break up after seeing him so much.

Send out my new breeches, will you? The outward mails from here, seem rather erratic.

My subalterns are all in love!  One is engaged properly – one has become engaged, he knows not how! One loves her very much.”

George struggled at Rugby in Greek and was bottom of his year!  Their ship berthed alongside the quay on December 12th and the Battalion commenced disembarkation at 2.45pm.  At 3.30pm they began the 4 mile march to Lembet Camp which was no more than a rocky, sandy plain on the outskirts of Salonika.  The Battalion arrived at about 4.30pm and pitched camp.

{next post 15th December}

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