GWL 9th December 1915 (Received December 29th)

Your letters of the 23rd, 24th and 25th arrived this evening, also the parcel.  Thank you so much.

Three brothers have again met; only this time one of the three is a sailor!  Arthur turned up yesterday.  Peter and I were looking through a glass and suddenly spotted the name of Arthur’s ship and shortly afterwards the good lad turned up.  He is looking awfully well.  His ship is a a queer looking thing.  There is absolutely no news.  Things very obscure………

The fog still continues during the day.  At night it is comparatively clear.  Pretty cold down here, but perfectly beastly up in front.  The town, I believe, is a sight for the blind – every nation under the sun.

The ship’s cat had a little adventure yesterday.  It inadvertently fell in the ditch & was spotted, swimming round the ship, by the officer of the watch!  An adventurous cat.

I think cigarettes and a few pipes would be the best thing for the braves.”

The troop ship arrived in Salonika Harbour on the 7th in dense fog.  The Battalion remained aboard the ship awaiting disembarkation.  Arthur was gunnery officer on the monitor class HMS Raglan.


HMS Marshall Ney, a Monitor class characterised by the oversized gun.

{next post 11th December}

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