GWL 5th December 1915 (On board ship, not received until 4th January 1916)

Did you get the letter I posted on the 2nd?  It was written on this paper.  They suddenly came on board for the mail & I only had time to put it in an envelope and address it.  We did not think they would allow us on shore, but they finally did, and so about 5.15PM Peter and I dashed off.  Rather mixed feelings.  The dear old place looks just the same.  We had dinner at the Club, where most of the old servants still are and they all remembered us.  The cashier in the Army and Navy Stores asked for you!  All very nice in a way, but we were rather sad next morning when we left it.  I hopped into the little shop and bought you something for Christmas.  You have got a heap of it, I know, but I don’t think you have any of that kind.  We had time to hunt round for things.

Do you remember a pernicious book called “The Centaur” where things “cantered wonderfully”?  Perhaps you remember the scene of it; we are looking at it now.  Though how the devil anything managed to proceed faster than at a walk, I cannot imagine”

The ship called in at Malta as a staging post.

{next post December 6th}

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