GWL 25th November 1915

My last letter could not be posted until last night, what with one thing and another.  It is a lovely day.  The same old bright blue sky and warm sun.  A long way from you, I am afraid.  Peter and I took a tram yesterday afternoon and went into the town.  Lovely shops and things.  Some very wonderful looking things walking about!  We had a topping tea at a new shop – At least I don’t remember it before, although it is some time since you & I went through here with Clarence Gardner.  I think you might send out the riding breeches Hawkes are making as soon as they are ready – The ones I have got are quite good, but a spare pair is always a good thing to have, isn’t it?  How parcels are going to get to us, I have not the faintest idea, as it seems that there will be considerable difficulty in getting anything but the barest of necessities along with us.  Please stick up a notch on old stick man.  That should make 48 and that will finish him.”

*Movement orders to entrain at Longeau at 7am were received during the afternoon of the 21st November, and before dawn the next morning the Gloucesters were on the way to the station.  By 7.30 a.m. the whole Battalion had entrained.  On arrival at Marseilles on the 24th, Companies went into a rest camp about two and a half miles from the station.  Embarkation began on the 25th and by the 26th all were aboard.  The strength of the Battalion was then 26 officers and 882 other ranks: Lieut-Colonel F.C. Nisbet was in command.

*From The Gloucestershire Regiment in the War 1914-1918, Everard Wyrall.

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