GWL 19th November 1915

Your letter of the 16th has just come.  I think there is some small hitch about Peter’s movements.  I am afraid it rather looks as if Serbia is done in, and the sooner we set to work to blockade the bally Greeks the better – A horrid little nation aren’t they?

I cannot say how glad I am about the singing and the piano.  You will have as many lessons as you want, won’t you?  It is still jolly cold and a certain amount of snow is lying about, which makes everything very slushy.  I quite understand about the Christmas Parcels.  To tell the truth just now an excess of parcels is just a wee bit embarrassing.  The trouble is to get everything carried.  Kits are cut down as low as they will go.  There is not a scrap of news for a letter.”

Still waiting to move.  Serbia was continuing to cede territory to Bulgaria with Babuna pass and Prilep falling on this day.

{next post 25th November}

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