GWL 16th November 1915

Much snow.  We woke up this morning to find about 2 inches everywhere.  Very pretty but rather chillsome.

I am afraid there is no doubt about it now.  What it will be like I have not the faintest idea.  It will be a very great adventure.  I quite agree about the letters, awfully as I shall miss the daily one.  But I think the only sensible way is for you to write for the mail.  I wonder if you would go to the baccy shop and make sure the they have got the new address.  I don’t want that supply to fail, if possible……………

Peter is in great form and very glad to have got in his little bit of leave.”

The Battalion had received orders on November 1st that they were destined for Salonika.

{next post 18th November}

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