GWL 12th November 1915

Your letters have all come up to the 9th.  I expect you have seen Peter, have you?  I hope he delivered the stick alright.  The weather is truly beastly.  Thank goodness we are not in trenches.  They must be pretty bad.  The undergarments are fine and do not scratch!  I hope you will have lots of singing lessons & enjoy them.  I am sorry Ion’s M.G. job does not seem to get along.  It would be very nice for him.

Peter has just come back.  He says he has got some things for me & I am going round to get them.  There does not seem to be much to tell you.  The books are splendid.  I have finished “Beltane” & nearly finished the Japanese one.  I think that one is fascinating.  It always beats me how those knight johnnies stood all the hammering they got in their heads.  Bye bye for a bit.  (Not before Wednesday anyhow.)”

Beltane probably refers to “Beltane the Smith” by Jeffrey Farnol which was a medieval romance published in 1915.

{next post 16th November}

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