GWL 10th November 1915

The underclothing and socks have arrived, likewise a grocery parcel & a book.  Thank you so much.  Peter went on leave this morning.  He will only get about 6 hours at home, but that is better than nought.  He is bringing you my “France” stick.  There is one more notch to go on.  Yes, it is going to be a queer show.  The Colonel is coming to dinner to-night, but so far the ingredient for dinner have not arrived from Town.  Two officers went in on bikes and it has rained hard since they left.  It is about 10 miles ride.  Our new address is 2nd Gloster Regt.  27th Division & nothing more.  This room will want a jolly good clean up before the C.O. comes to-night.  How nine of us are going to get in I don’t quite know.  I hope Peter won’t lose that stick.  He & I spent last night under a hay-stack – Werry wet.”

{Next post 12th November}

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