GWL 7th November 1915

Your letter of the 4th came this morning.  We had quite an amusing day in town yesterday.  Peter came in with me.  We had a very nice Tiffin at a small hotel & and a fine bath at the Public Baths!  Today is fine but rather cold.  A Bishop came down & preached to us the morning.  Nothing out of the way but quite pleasant.  Could you keep in reserve for me at home, a pair of cord riding breeches & one pair of puttees?  Hawkes can make the breeches from my measurements which he has got & he will supply the puttees too.  It is going to be cold I think; but nothing can be much worse than last winter.  To tell the honest truth, from what we had been told, the was every prospect of a nice comfy winter teaching territorials, but somehow that seems to have gone astray.”

On the Near Eastern Front the Bulgarians continued to make progress through Serbia with Nis taken on November 5th.

{next post 10th November}

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