GWL 5th November 1915

Your letters have come up to the 2nd.  Thank you so much for Tizzie’s letter. I will send the reply to you to address because I have not the faintest idea what her real Christian name is!  Wet again after two lovely days.  Tomorrow D.V.  I think I will go in to a town near here, with rather nice cathedral & buy one or two things for this Chocolate Soldier Stunt.  The whole thing is most inconvenient because I want my glasses cleaned and one or two other odds and ends looked to which I cannot spare now.  The last cake was awfully good.  Thank you so much.  Of course it is not certain where Raphe will go, but anyhow East.

A true story.  One of these famous intelligence corps people came up and asked one of my subalterns, who was employed by the Corps staff, whether a division was bigger than an army corps.  He was not joking, but just did not know!  Job was surely never a regimental officer.”

The town referred to was most likely to be Amiens.  Amiens was subject to a major assault in the spring of 1918 as part of the Germans last major offensive of the War.  The town was successfully defended by British and Australian troops.

amiens cathedral pc

Post card of Amiens Cathedral c. 1916

A Corps is larger than a Division!

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