29th October 1915

Madam, your letters have all come including that of the 27th.  Still very wet here, but it might be a good deal worse one way and another. I have a slight cold in my right nose; nothing to speak of.  That and one dose of fever & a resultant quinine head is the sum total of disease experienced by master.

Quite an interesting note about Yuan.  He apparently has only to sit still and see himself turn into an Emperor.  All the same, sitting still in his position is not an altogether easy business.  “Pains in the head”** rather common aren’t they?

Far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife”, Master is about to sit down to a very fine hen, purchased with somebody else’s Bridge losings.  How is Ion?”

**The Chinese say when a man dies suddenly and mysteriously he is said to have died of “Pain in the head” [M.P.]

There were two further letters of November 1st and 3rd which apparently contained no news except that the regiment evidently thinks it is to be sent to Serbia or some other part of the near Eastern Front.

{next post 5th November}

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