GWL 28th October 1915

We appear to have stopped walking for a bit now;  it is awfully wet and muddy and rather cold.  Rather weary.  I rode into a village this afternoon after the cashier and the blighter was not there.  My memory is getting truly awful.  It rather worries me now & then, but I suppose it does not matter much.  It merely means having to write more things down.  Your letters have all come up to the 25th.  Thank you so much for them all.  How is old Ion getting on?  Is he coming out again?  Don’t start the £8s game just yet.  Things are not exactly settled.  There is not a scrap of news.  Things look rather bad in Servia.  Small nations are more worry than they are worth.  I suppose the people there are being sniped by Servians, just as we used to be by Belgians at Dickebusch.  The whole thing is sickening.  Peter is very well again.  His affliction seems quite to have departed.”

By the 28th the Battalion were in Seux.  The bad times in Servia refer to the continuing advance of Bulgar forces in Serbia.

{next post 29th October}

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