GWL 22nd October 1915

What werry complicated times we live in.  Really the small nation is the curse of the world………….

A little coincidence for you.  “Revelation” says that the world shall make war against the Beast, and the number of that beast is six hundred, three score and six.  The war to last 42 months.  Number of letters  in KAISER is 6.  Put down the number of each letter in the alphabet.  Put a six on the end of each, add them up & total is 666 

K =       116

A  =        16

I   =        96

S  =      196

E  =        56

R  =      186


666                   Lo, the Beast!

Perhaps you have seen that already.

There is no news to-day.  I am gad you are having a good time.  How the mails will go for the next day or two I don’t know, but don’t be alarmed if nothing comes for a day or two.  Peter is quite well again and so is your devoted husband.”

On the 23rd the Battalion moved back up to the front line but only for 48 hours before they were relieved by the French.  On the 26th they moved to Boues and the 27th to Seux.  Meanwhile on the 19th both Russia and Italy had declared war on Bulgaria.  On the 22nd Kumanova and Skopje were taken by Bulgarian forces.

{next post 28th October}

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