GWL 19th October 1915

The cocoa in the tube is quite good.  I have not seen it before.  It has been awfully cold for the last day or two.  The wind is from the north and sometimes it feels quite like snow.

The photos of Miss Power [younger sister Nancy] are really rather sweet.  The expression on her face in the picture of her standing with the other kid is splendid.  Horrible rumour yesterday that Greece had declared war against us.  Rather bad if they have isn’t it?

Last night we had a tremendous dinner.  Two ducks and some bottled peas.  Considerable indigestion assailed some members of the company during the night, but not yours truly.  Peter had another slight turn of flue yesterday evening, but he is about again to-day.  How is the massage going?  Is it doing you good?  I am so thankful those zeps did not get near you.  Hate to think of you being bombed.  Dear old Dad, going out with a rifle!”

The British Government had offered Cyprus to Greece if they would support Serbia against Bulgaria.  Great Britain declared war on Bulgaria on the 16th.  The zep raid referred to occurred on the 13th and was the most severe of the war with 200 casualties.

{next post 22nd October}

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