GWL 14th October 1915

Your letters have all come, the last was the one of the 11th.  That is a very nice little book of sailor stories.  This trench involves a great deal of walking about and is frightfully complicated.  At present,  I think the men have enough; it is not really cold yet you know.  Forgive me, but I cannot for the life of me remember the exact details of your scheme.  But I can remember that it was a good one, so I will let you know again.  Peter is still rather seedy and I have not seen him for a day or two.  I think he is better though.  No news at all from this direction.  The evenings are getting very long now, aren’t they?  The mornings are very misty too.”

Although relatively quiet on the Western Front (in this sector at least) the situation in Macedonia was rapidly deteriorating. On the 13th hostilities commenced between France and Bulgaria, with Serbia, Britain and Montenegro following suit over the next few days.

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