GWL 12th October 1915

A lovely day after a rather dull morning.  I simply must write to Mozzer.  That was an awfully nice parcel she sent me.  It is very sweet of her.  Peter has a slight touch of “flue” to-day and has not come up.  He had a slight head yesterday and the doctor filled him up with aspirin and gave him rather too much I think.  It gets dark very quickly these days.  Yesterday with one fell swoop I killed a hornet and a queen wasp:  Not bad, was it?  Incidentally I smashed a pane of glass with the same blow.

I hope Peter is not going to be bad, poor lad.  There is no news whatever from this side of the channel.  Has anything been heard of Arthur & his queer ship lately:  Frank apparently continues his glorious career.  Yesterday I had a letter form Dan Burges. He seemed very well.”

Arthur at this stage was a gunnery officer on the monitor HMS Raglan serving in the Dardanelles campaign.  Frank was a Captain in the Yorks and Lancs Regiment serving with the BEF elsewhere on the Western Front.  Also on this day British nurse Edith Cavell was shot by German firing squad in Brussels.

{next post 14th October}

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