GWL 10th October 1915

Your letters have come up to and including that of the 8th.  Likewise a very good parcel.  Quite nice weather again, and everything quite dry now.  Rat catching is the great sport here.  The servants caught 9 in two ours in their sleeping apartment with a “break back” trap.  Two others got away.  There is a plague of them all round here.  It is a most extraordinary sight at night when you put up a flare.  The rats can be seen swarming everywhere in front of the trench & climbing up the posts of the wire entanglements.  It may give you some idea of how close things are when I tell you that a German spat from his trench into ours a short time back!

Lachlan has come to my company.  I am awfully glad because although the subalterns I have got are excellent fellows and do their job awfully well, one does feel the need of somebody with a little bit of experience who can bring a certain amount of knowledge as well as keenness to a problem – I think the world has gone mad.”

Rats thrived by the millions in the trenches.


Also on this day the Greek government reject Serbian claim for help under Serbo-Greek Treaty of 1912.

{next post 12th October}

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