GWL 8th October 1915 [Stamped: Examined by Base Censor]

I cannot for the life of me remember the number of this letter.  My last one contained a mention of a crater and I wondered if Hun liked his side as little as we did ours.  All your letters have come including the one of the 6th.  The coat has come too, and a very nice parcel from Mozzer.  Jut a little bit tired.  Rather and awkward trench in some ways.  The coat is really splendid and with the mighty boots should make master fairly waterproof, if slightly immobile.  We are just going to have tea.  I am glad the massage is doing you good.

42 weeks to-morrow, I have been at this plaguey job.  Four days of sitting on top of a German mine & waiting for it to go off have been rather too much, but we are out now and don’t go into that one again, so what matters it now.  Vive La France.  I am very well.”

During this period the sands were shifting politically on the southern front.  On the 6th the final Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia had begun.  The King of Greece indicated ongoing neutrality but was mobilising it’s forces.  Allied forces were allowed to land in Salonika.  The Battle of Loos came to an end on the 8th.

{next post October 10th}

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