GWL October 5th 1915

The underclothing has come – you were quick.  Thank you so much.  A perfectly piggy day; raining hard and mud getting rather bad, but in his big boots master can compete with anything under 3’6″ of it.  We must expect this sort of thing now, mustn’t we?  This is a queer trench.  The crater is huge.  It has one great advantage, namely, that you can threaten to cast anybody into it who offends against majesty of the law.  I wonder if Fritz likes his bit of it as little as we do ours.  Many Generals and things floating round now – getting nice and muddy.  Considered calmly, this is a rotten life.  You live in a ditch & pot each other with H.5.  When you cannot hit the other chap, just ….. scratch a little hole and blow him up.”

{next post 8th October}

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