GWL 3rd October 1915

Your letter and parcel have come including that of Oct 1st.  Fine again but cold at night.  I have plenty of warm things.  How the mail will go for the next day or two I don’t quite know, but I will write when I can.  I am so sorry about Cecil Riley.  The poor Wild Party will be rather cut up and the old man too.  Has anybody heard from the mighty warrior Frank?  I suppose he is in the same old spot;  isn’t he?

We had quite a nice makee pray, this morning.  Why cannot this blessed war come to an end?  It is all too sickening.  I have managed to get my boots repaired, so there is no wild hurry for the new ones.  Could you send me a tin of “Marlio”?”

{next post 5th October}

4 thoughts on “GWL 3rd October 1915”

  1. Question.
    I. Wondering if “Marlio” is a typo as I’m trying to find out what it was.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Just so you know 25000 people read GWL on my blog.


    1. Sounds plausible and will look into it. Thank you for letting me know how many followers the letter have. I find it difficult to know quite how popular it is as the WordPress stats page isn’t very informative. RP


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