GWL 2nd October 1915

I have not been able to write for the last day or two.  These are weird trenches here.  The whole space between the trenches is one mass of mine craters.  My company has the honour (?) of sitting on the ruin of the biggest crater in France.  It is 50 yards across and 84 feet deep! The prospect is rather like that piece of country just before Newquay only of course in miniature.  I wonder exactly how much of the push and go has achieved.  I think it has drawn a certain number of Huns from the pursuit of the wily Russ.  The time has certainly come for the trench coat, but not yet for the thick underclothing.  All the same would you get me some & have them ready to send out?  All your letters have come including that of the 29th.”

On October 1st the Officers and NCO’s had moved to Fontaine les Cappy to take over trenches from the Royal Irish Fusiliers. No-mans Land was characterised by a mass of craters created by persistent mining and counter-mining between the opposing forces.

october 1915 14  2nd Gloucester’s position October 1915

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