GWL 28th September 1915

Still very wet; your letters including that of the 25th have all come.  Thank you so much for them.  The parcel was excellent.  Did you get my letter asking for some more thin underclothing?  I want some rather badly.  The fair Emmy is singing just now Tosca – Lordy my dear, it does rain.  My old cart under which we sleep is getting rather drippy.  Have you found the place yet? Melba is now singing Tosti’s Farewell!  Help.

You can send the coat as soon as it is ready;  it is quite cold enough at nights now for any amount of clothing.

The French seem to have done well & are still going on.  I think it is awfully humorous about the bomb falling in the Scrutton’s garden.  Pray Heaven they don’t come anywhere near you.  I had such a nice letter from Mozzer this morning.”

Emmy Destinn sings Tosca!

{next post 2nd October}

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