GWL 27th September 1915

Such a wet day; the mails have been coming awfully funnily lately.  This evening your parcel came.  I have not opened it yet.  The roads are in an awful state.  Please send me another pair of boots, will you?  My present ones will last some time yet, but there is rest difficulty in getting them repaired.  A great shortage of material seems to have come over the land.  Any more zeps your way?  The French seem to have done something pretty big down below, don’t they?  The braves are making the most awful din to-night.  Pay day and a a wet evening generally have that result!

To-day in our innocence we beheld two very fine hens and forthwith  bought them with a view to dinner.  The illusion that a good meal was in store was roughly dispelled when the bally things had discarded their feathers.”

The action referred to was the Autumn Offensive which was made up of three major battles: The Battle of Loos with a majority British interest, the Third Battle of Artois and the Second Battle of Champagne, both primarily led but the French.

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