GWL 23rd September 1915

Your letters of 18th, 19th and 20th have arrived – thank you so much for them.

This is quite a charming little place down in a deepish valley with big downs on each side.  Very cold at night, but while we have blankets that does not matter much.  Excuse bad writing.  I am lying on my back trying to write on a book.  I am very well, but full of quinine as a result of small attack of fever yesterday.  Peter, poor lad, has come out in boils and blames, weary loathsome and is rather sorry for himself just now.  The doctor plunges daggers into him every now & then.  Bye bye for a bit.”

Elsewhere the situation between Greece and Bulgaria was deteriorating with the Bulgarian Government ordering a general mobilisation on the 22nd and the Greek Government on the 23rd.

{next post 26th September}

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