GWL 22nd September 1915

Not a bad place this.  The country rather like Salisbury Plain in many ways.  Lowish chalk downs and not many trees.  Rather bleak in winter but much drier than our last place.  The only bad part about this little town is that the natives solidly refuse to sell us anything, so at present this is rather a lean land.  You are a little bit further off in point of mileage now; the awfully tantalising part was that we reached a point not much more than 40 miles form England during the journey!  Your letters of 15th & 16th came yesterday, also a very nice parcel & two books.  I really don’t know what to say about the Major’s kit.  Really the best thing is to sell it unless they want to keep any of it.  Please order the Thresher coat, with the camelcot lining fixed.”

The 27th Division moved south to the Somme area with the Gloucesters moving into billets in Morcourt.

{next post 23rd September}

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