GWL 15th September 1915

I thought I should not be able to write to-day, so I sent a postcard.  I am so glad the zeps did not get too close to you and scare you.  They make a good deal of noise, don’t they?

My company band is going very strong now.  It only consists of mouth organs and drums made of biscuit boxes.  They are busy practising a little tune you and I heard once in Folkestone, called “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way!”

This morning I rode out to try and locate Frank, but failed and got wet through instead.  Last night awful excitement caused by the water cart horse falling down a well.  Heaven knows how we got him out, as when I arrived only his head and shoulders were visible.”

On the night of 8/9 September 1915 the Germans launched their most effective Zeppelin raid of the War.  Four airships mounted the raid but two had to turn back, but not before dropping their load on villages in Norfolk.  One ship made it to London and dropped it’s load causing 22 deaths and more than £500,000 of damage.

Zeppelin raid over london...

Painting of the raid by John Fraser.

{next post 19th September}

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