GWL 12th September 1915

Thank you so much for the parcel and book, which arrived safely yesterday.  I cannot say how sorry I am about the little Major.  The one thing to be thankful for is that he came home before he died…….

At present I am located in rather a large farm house a bit forward of the battalion & have spent the morning tinkering in with the cellar.  I will let you know about the coat in a day or two.  I rather think I will have a fixed lining of the same stuff as I had in my Burberry; perhaps the same piece would do.

A good (deal) of noise going on but a perfectly heavenly day.  I have not seen the mighty warrior Frank since his “look see”.  If all is well I hope to dine one night at the Ste Barbe with him and Peter.  I told him about the little place.”

The little Major refers to Major R Connor who was wounded and taken prisoner on May 9th.  He was then the subject of a prisoner exchange and returned to England but died of his wounds on September 7th 1915.

{next post 15th September}

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